Soccerplex Concession Building Completed

The hundreds of young athletes who play soccer in Mountain Top were excited to see a beautiful new building, used for a concession stand and more, come to fruition this year at the Soccerplex on Church Road. Years in the making, the building is the final piece of a community project that was made by donations and help from residents and businesses throughout Mountain Top.

“The building has been a real blessing,” related Penny Powley, president of the Mountain Top Youth Soccer Association. “…The concession pavilion has become sort of a social gathering point for parents before, between, and after games. And kids of all ages seem wide-eyed and excited as they peer over the sales counter at all the goodies inside.”

The new concession building not only provides food and beverages to families attending games, but also has an upstairs meeting room, and is used to house vehicles, mowers, and soccer equipment, such as goals, nets, and balls.

“Getting this building in place was really important to us,” Penny remarked. “And our soccer families seem really thrilled with it. There’s just a great vibe around it and it makes coming to the Soccerplex that much more special.”

The building is a source of revenue for MYSA, as money raised through the concession stand will be used to pay for care of the soccer fields, from mowing to irrigating and fertilizing, Penny said.

“When our soccer families patronize the concession stand, they know that every nickel goes right back into the complex,” she explained, adding that the funds coming from the concession stand help the association to keep registration fees low.

Over 750 young soccer players, ages four through 18, are part of MYSA. Players not only face other area teams for games, but also can take part in camps, clinics, and tournaments.

The association acquired the Soccerplex’s 50-acres on Church Road in 2002. Since then, volunteers, conducting numerous fundraisers, were able to build four full-size soccer fields, a 200-car parking lot, and a pair of storm-water detention ponds.

On a busy weekend, as many as 400 people gather at the Soccerplex. Penny, who volunteers at the concession stand for Saturday games, related how she enjoys socializing with the soccer players and their