Wright Twp. Outlines Burning Ordinance

This shall serve as a reminder to all residents of Wright Township there is a No Burning Ordinance in the boundaries of the Township.

The Wright Township Police Department will be enforcing the Ordinance and will be issuing Citations to violators.

The ordinance addresses the open fire definition. It is a fire in which any material, including but not limited to, leaf waste, wood, newspaper, municipal waste, and refuse is burned in the open, outdoors or outside a building or structure even if in a furnace, incinerator, metal drum, stell or metal can, or any type of container.

The Mountaintop Area Council Of Governments (MACOG) has a yard waste compost facility for residents of Fairview, Rice and Wright Townships. It is located on Oak Hill Road in the Crestwood Industrial Park. Leaves, grass and small branches are accepted as follows: Wednesdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. The facility is also open on the third Saturday in January from 10am to 2pm to accept Christmas trees for composting. Residents may deposit their yard waste by purchasing a $10.00 annual permit. Mulch can also be purchased during those days and times. Landscapers wishing to dump yard waste will be required to purchase a one-time annual permit for $50.00.

Please direct any questions on this Ordinance to the Wright Township Supervisors Office at 570-474-9067. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.