Magisterial District Court Reports
Possession of Controlled Substance

Dennis John Hines, 22, 80 Bates Rd., Honesdale, PA, was charged with Intentional Possession of a Controlled Substance, Use/ Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Criminal Trespass by Officer Brian J. Stout of the Rice Township Police Department. Charges were filed on September 15, 2015.

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, on August 30, 2015 at approximately 3:30 p. m., Officer Stout was providing a courtesy transport to the resident that lives at 465 Thomas Street, Rice Township, for unrelated reasons. Upon arriving at the address, Officer Stout observed a green Honda Civic in the driveway of the residence with a white male standing outside the passenger side door leaning into the vehicle. The hood was up on the vehicle. The resident stated that he did not know who the person was and did not recognize the vehicle, and neither the vehicle nor the person should be on his property.

The officer got out of the patrol vehicle and made contact with the male. The officer asked the male what he was doing and he stated, “I am here with her” and pointed towards the corner of the house. Officer Stout did not see anyone near where he pointed and checked around the corner of the house and did not locate anyone. He then asked the male again who he was there with and he stated “Ashley, she’s standing right there” and again pointed towards the side of the house. There was no one standing where the male was pointing.

The male was asked to produce identification and he complied. He was identified through his PA Driver’s License as Dennis John Hines, herein known as the defendant. The defendant was told he was not welcome at the residence and that he was trespassing. The defendant stated that he was there with Ashley and his Aunt. When asked where Ashley and his Aunt were, he pointed toward an empty deck and stated “sitting right there”. The defendant stated that he would not leave because he was supposed to be there with his Aunt. The defendant was observed to have dilated pupils, exaggerated movements, be heavily sweating and obvious hallucinations, all common signs of being under the influence of controlled substances, specifically a stimulant.

The defendant asked several times if he could get a drink and tried to go into the garage before he was stopped. The defendant yelled towards the empty deck and said, “Can I get a drink?” as if he was asking permission from someone. The officer then asked the defendant if he could search him for officer safety reasons and he stated that the officer could. The officer requested the male to place his hands on the rear of the vehicle and he complied. Before the officer began to search him, the male stated that he has meth in his front right pocket. A this time, the officer retrieved a small plastic zip closed baggie containing a white crystal like substance suspected to be methamphetamine from the defendant’s right front pocket as well as a hypodermic needle. The defendant was then placed into custody and read his Miranda Warnings. While speaking with the defendant he admitted to using methamphetamine. The defendant insisted that he was there with a girl named Ashley and that she was seated in the car. No one else was present.

Due to the mental state of the defendant and his physical signs of drug use, an ambulance was requested for evaluation. Hanover Twp. Medic 9 arrived and transported the defendant to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital. The defendant was treated and released by GWV emergency department and was transported back to the Rice Twp. Police Dept. by Officer Stout where the defendant was placed in a holding cell. While being in the holding cell, the defendant continued to exhibit signs of psychosis and appeared to degrade in mental condition. For the defendant’s safety it was agreed that his Aunt had to come to the police station and sign him in on a mental evaluation. Mountain Top EMS was contacted and transported the male to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment. The officer field-tested the suspected methamphetamine that resulted in a positive test result.

A preliminary hearing will be Oct. 21 before Magisterial District Judge Ronald Swank.