Misericordia University

SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY GRADUATES-The Misericordia University Speech-Language Pathology Program’s 2015 graduating class achieved a 100-percent pass rate on the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology. Members of the graduating class and members of the faculty, front from left, are Ahnnalisa Regi, Sarah Castaldi, Laura Bennett, Erica Hannon, Kristen Mixon, Emily Santory, Molly Harleman, and Emily Stokes. Row two: Sarah Nelson, Erika Deckard, Cara Sepcoski, Elizabeth Gromelski, Karly Riden, Kathleena Besermin, Nicole Smith, Kimberly Walsh, Laura Ciarmatori, Mountain Top; and Gina Grant. Row three: Deena Reiner, Meghan Kenney, Maura Skelton, Mountain Top; Ashley Zimmerman, Jeanette Perucca, Megan Dipalo, Amanda Tomaselli, Alisha Desai, Alexandra Fry, Cassandra Foy, and Sarah Collins. Row four: Hilary Hoover, Tracey O’Day, clinical administrative assistant; Theresa Jacopetti, clinical supervisor; Dr. Kathleen Scaler Scott, faculty; Dr. Riuxia Yan, faculty; Anne Zaborny, clinical supervisor; Michelle Donato, department administrative assistant; Dr. Cari Tellis, faculty; Dr. Glen Tellis, chair, and Molly O’Connor. Back: Lori Cimino, clinical director; Melissa Alunni, clinical supervisor; Pamela Rogers, department administrative assistant; Adina Rosenthal, clinical supervisor; Dr. Hunter Manasco, faculty, and Mary Culkin, clinical supervisor. Missing from photo is Elisabeth Karmondy, Colorado Springs, Colo.