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been granted the zoning permit… It just seems to be that your zoning officer needs to look at things a little tighter and stop being a little too aggressive for my taste.”

Zane again advised, “According to the zoning book, he can’t put it up.”

After further discussion, Zane added, “They are only went by the book, Kevin. Anybody could have come to the meeting and given their suggestions. Hardly anybody came. And now it’s, ‘You don’t like this. You don’t like that.’

“According to the book,” Zane insisted, “he could not issue that zoning permit.”

Gallagher replied, “I disagree with that.”

The hearing was scheduled for September 15.

In other business, according to Roadmaster Todd Badman roads were repaired on Vista Drive, Prospect Road and Country Club Drive. He said that patching and shoulder work was completed on Taney, Yeager Road and Ridge Road.

Residents are invited to recycle tires under the Luzerne County program on October 3rd in Butler Township and on October 10 at Hanover Area Jr./Sr. High School

It was announced that the next township meeting is set for Monday, October 12.