Dorrance Twp. Residents Raise Zoning Issues

In a brief September 14th township meeting, Chairman Gary Zane and Royce Engler moved briskly through the agenda.

It was reported by Solicitor Donald Karpowich that the annual quarry inspection of Pennsy Supply’s Small Mountain Quarry is due shortly. He informed that it is in being planned with Zoning Officer Alan Snelson, “We discussed the annual inspection to make sure they’re in conformance with the Conditional Use Decision.” He said the inspection will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Zoning issues were raised when a resident asked about a zoning hearing scheduled for the following night.

According to the township’s advertisement, Richard M. Smith, Sr. requested a variance on his property to permit an 8 foot fence. The property is zoned B1.

Both Joseph Chalawick and supervisor candidate, Kevin Gallagher, questioned the board regarding the application.

In the absence of the zoning officer, Chairman Zane advised them that the ordinance requires the hearing. “The book is the book,” Zane advised.

Gallagher stated that he felt that, “a little more thought,” should have gone into the zoning officer’s decision. “I did read over the paperwork as to why the denial.”

Gallagher noted, “This took me back to months ago when the zoning map was changed… If you look at this thing on its face, he should have