BAND PROGRAM INSTITUTED AT ST. JUDE’S-An exciting opportunity has been made available to the students in fourth through eighth grades at St. Jude School. Mr. Mark Stransky, of Mark Stransky Music Services, will be the band director at the school and offer lessons on several instruments including flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and more. Lessons and practices will be conducted during the school day. Mr. Stranksy presented a program to the entire student body, telling them that instruments were like spinach -they’re good for you. He also stressed the importance of “sticktuitiveness”, advancing in small steps, and teamwork. The group will offer Christmas and spring concerts. Shown, front from left: Lainey Conway, Olivia Bilbow, Lauren Lokuta, and Colton Moran. Back: Sr. Ellen Fischer, SCC, Principal; Kyle Kocon, Francesca Basalyga, Ethan Brenner, and Stransky.