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Development and features a switch-back ramp for a conducive approach grade, steps and a covered portico design. The project was awarded to Ed Snukis Contracting of St. Clair, under the oversight of engineering firm QProQ.

Councilor and Sewer Authority member Michael Johnson reported that there are still 17 properties off the sewer grid. He explained that the authority believes that a number are simply “defying” the mandatory hook-up law ordered by PA Department of Environment Protection.

Johnson noted that he personally went and inspected the properties on this list and, when able, spoke with the property owners. Ruefully he added that if he has to do that again he will likely, “take a police officer with him,” because of the threats thrown at him.

On a positive note, Johnson said he believes that 2 of the property owners will probably qualify for funding assistance through a USDA program.

In other business, Tucker reported that the borough dump truck received a rebuilt engine, saving replacement costs and will be tested out well before winter storm season starts. It was agreed to order pre-season road salt at a reduced cost and lay in antiskid material as well.

This prompted a discussion of the need to secure a part time employee for plowing and general building and grounds maintenance. Interested parties are encouraged to contact council.