Father Jeff Tudgay Serving St. Jude’sAsAssistant Pastor
NEW ASSISTANT PASTOR-Father Jeff Tudgay was recently assigned to St. Jude parish where he is serving as Assistant Pastor. Father Tudgay is originally from Hanover Township.

Reverend Jeffrey Tudgay is back on the mountain, serving as new Assistant Pastor of St. Jude Church.

Originally from Hanover Township, Father Jeff replaces Father Jerry, who has been reassigned pastoral duties in East Stroudsburg. Father Jeff graduated from East Stroudsburg University in English Literature, and had planned to attend law school until just before his senior year, when he says he felt God’s calling.

Father Jeff says that at first, the heavy weight on his thoughts was overwhelming. However, as he began to ask more questions; the more questions he developed and the more intrigued he became. Through some soul searching and good advice, he decided to at least enter seminary to find out one way or another, reasoning that if it didn’t work out, he could always change direction and continue on to law school.

Once he entered seminary, however, it became very clear to Father Jeff that priesthood was indeed his vocation. His days were filled with academic study, field assignments in teaching and hospital work, and becoming a man of prayer and disciple of God. He graduated Seminary in 2012 with a Masters of Arts in Divinity and Systematic Theology with some coursework in Philosophy. He was originally assigned as Assistant Pastor to Our Lady of the Snow in Clarks Summit and was there for three years. As he approached his deaconate ordination, the equivalent of a residency for medical students, he requested to be placed somewhere in the Scranton Diocese for his weekend responsibilities and was assigned to St. Jude Parish to perform baptisms, give homilies and get to know the parishioners of Mountaintop.

“My time at St. Jude was a great experience,” said Father Jeff. “It was

rich and fun. I came to know and