Nuangola Boro Addresses Comprehensive Plan, Road Issues

After cancelling the August meeting without notice, Nuangola Borough Council met on September 8th and played catch-up in a lengthy session.

As in June and July, Vice President Joseph Tucker stood in for the absent President John Kochan.

Tucker moved through the agenda leading the officials through votes accepting a $20,000 Community Development Grant for completion of the borough’s Comprehensive Plan. The group also agreed to advertise for a qualified consultant to drive the process.

Road issues–many resulting from damage suffered during the $9+ million sewer project –continue to dog the small municipality. Tucker singled out North End Road and Willow Grove advising his colleagues that conditions continue to deteriorate. “We’ve been out patching potholes. We’ve put numerous tons down on North End Road. The problem there is that it was almost destroyed. We are going to have to find funding to fix that road because it’s a mess –it is a real mess.

“Maybe before their bond is up, we better take a gander at this. We may need to hire a contractor,” Tucker said, adding that they would have to see about that.

He also noted that an appropriation was approved to repair sewer damages to Willow Grove based on John Kochan’s negotiation, “I am going to try one more time to find out what we approved for $3,000. Before we start doing anything on Willow Grove I need to find out exactly what was allocated for that job.”

One large borough job is underway in the form of a new handicap accessible entrance to the rear of the municipal building. The $85,000 project will be entirely funded through the Office of Community