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there,” remarked school board President Jerry Orloski. If Crestwood doesn’t act now for another seat on the committee, he said, “they’ll box us out.”

“I think it’s worth it for a million spent every year…” Mancini repeated. He then gave an example of a daycare that operates at the Career Center. While only four children are enrolled there, seven employees are paid to work there. While it costs $350,000 a year to run the daycare, Crestwood is responsible for 12 percent of that cost. Crestwood needs to make sure it has fair say in how money like this is spent, Orloski said.

Later in the meeting, Mancini asked to be removed as the district’s vo-tech representative and serve instead as the alternate, since his term on the board will end soon. The board moved that member Norbert Dotzel will now serve in that role.

Also at the Sept. 17 meeting, board Solicitor John Dean announced that the district is filing a complaint against the support staff union, which has had an expired contract for two years, for unfair labor practice, claiming they are not “bargaining in good faith.”

Noah Kulp, a representative of the school’s Student Government, reported to the board that cross country runner Clay Kimsal finished 20th overall to medal at the Cliff Robbins Invitational, held on Sept. 5 at Misercordia University. Preparations are underway for this year’s homecoming, Kulp said, with a football game against Pittston Area set for Sept. 26 at 7 p. m.

Through the Young Scholars Program, 112 seniors are attending classes at King’s College, Wilkes University, Luzerne County Community College, and Misercordia University, Kulp related. Also, through the Gateway Program, six juniors are attending classes at Wilkes University.

Resident Michele Williams questioned the board’s selection process for the Gateway Program. Brian Waite, assistant to the superintendent, explained that this is the first year Crestwood has implemented the program. Wilkes University allows five students from each district to participate and leaves the criterion up to the district, he said.

Waite went on that Crestwood used class ranking to choose the top students for the program. One student ranked first, he said, and seven tied for second place. Wilkes allowed Crestwood to offer the program to eight students, rather than five, and six of those eight accepted the offer, he said.

Four interviews have been conducted for a new superintendent, reported Orloski, and no decision has been made. Superintendent David McLaughlin-Smith announced earlier this year that he will retire in January of 2016.

During public comment, Kaminski asked how many applicants the district had and, when told it was 10 to 12, said that this seemed low for such a prominent position. Orloski responded that amount of interest is similar to the school’s past experience.

The board moved to change the date of its November meeting; it will now be on Nov. 19.