St. Jude School

ST. JUDE’S KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS WELCOMED-One of the many ways the kindergarten students at St. Jude School used to get to know each other was to create images of themselves and write an item that they liked that began with the same letter as their first name. Some examples are L my name is Luke and I like lions, Henry likes hippos, Audrey likes apples, Reese likes rabbits, etc. Their completed projects were part of an owl-accented display for when parents came to the classrooms on Meet the Teachers Night answering the question “Whooooo’s Ready for Kindergarten?” Shown, front from left: Krish Bajaj, who likes kangaroos; Rhea Mascarenhas, rabbits; and Collin Brenner, cats. Back: Jessica Powis, jewelry; Miles McShea, marshmallows; Gavin Serock, games; and Zoe Pray, zippers.