Crestwood School Board Files Lawsuit

The Crestwood School Board, displeased with its representation on a committee that runs the Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center, announced at its Sept. 17 meeting that it is now filing a lawsuit for a second seat on the committee. The suit, filed in Luzerne County Court, comes after multiple unanswered requests by Crestwood for a stronger voice on the committee, board members say.

The Career Center is run by an 11-member Joint Operating Committee (JOC), made up of representatives from five districts. Five members are from Wilkes-Barre Area, two are from Greater Nanticoke and Pittston, and one representative is from Hanover and one from Crestwood, explained Gene Mancini, school board member and JOC representative.

He argued that, with Mountain Top’s population increase, shown in the 2010 census, Crestwood should have gained a seat and Nanticoke, with a decrease, should have lost one. It is unfair that Wilkes-Barre dominates the committee with five seats, while Crestwood with its growing population, only has one, he said.

During the board’s public comment period, resident Joe Kaminski questioned the cost of the lawsuit, asking if the money used for it might be better spent elsewhere.

While the suit will cost the district $15,000, Mancini said, “We spend a million dollars at the vo-tech, so it is a good investment.”

Kaminski reiterated his apprehension of the district spending that amount of money just to gain a seat on the JOC. It is a lot to spend and have it “not amount to anything,” he said “It gives us an extra voice,” responded Mancini.

“It’s hard-core politics down