Magisterial District Court Reports
Retail Theft

Carissa Sandefer, 24, 375 W. Ridge St., Landsford, PA, was charged with Retail Theft, Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness and Similar Misconduct by Ptlm. Joseph Benson, Fairview Township Police Department. Charges were filed on September 11, 2015.

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, on September 11, 2015 at approximately 8 a. m., Ptlm. Benson was on routine patrol when he entered Turkey Hill at 2 N. Mountain Blvd. when he observed a white female outside of the store asking a male if he was going to the casino. The female identified as Carissa Sandefer, approached the officer inside of the store and asked if he could help her get a ride to a hotel or the casino. A records check of Sandefer was conducted thought Luzerne County 911. Ptlm Benson the requested for Luzerne County 911 to call for a cab to come to the location.

Officer Collotty of Rice Township Police arrived on scene and observed the female was wearing a scarf, gloves and a bandana. Sandefer stated that she had money for a cab and was just requesting this officer to call one to Turkey Hill. The cab arrived on scene and Sandefer she only had a credit card but no money. The cab driver then left the scene due to Sandefer not having the funds to pay for the services. Sandefer made several attempts to get a ride from family members from the Landsford area but was unsuccessful.

Carissa Sandefer then made several attempts to take money out of an ATM which was located outside of the store next to the bank. The card was a prepaid credit card that is sold by Turkey Hill. At no time did Sandefer purchase this card from Turkey Hill. When Carissa Sandefer used this card in the ATM, the ATM did not allow the transaction due to the wrong pin entered by Sandefer. The employee Jade Dudley stated that Sandefer did not purchase ther prepaid credit card and left the store to use the ATM. Sandefer also took a BCA scarf valued at $16.99, a BCA tech glove valued at $8.99, and a headband valued at $14.99 totaling $43.43 and left the store wearing the merchandise without purchasing the items. Officer Collotty advised her that she can’t leave the store without paying for the items. Jade Dudley also stated that Sandefer brought up several items to the register totaling $303.79 but did not have cash or a credit card on her to pay for these items.

Officer Winsock from the Wright Township Police Department arrived on the scene . When Sandefer was asked is she was under the influence of prescriptions or illegal drugs, she then replied yes, she used heroin in the last three days and was trying to obtain methadone. While officers on scene were speaking to her she exhibited signs of being under the influence such as glassy eyes, dilated pupils and continually repeated that it was her birthday (10/07/1991) along with repeating other things that made no sense. Sandefer stated to the officers that she took a cab from Allentown with the originally destination as Mohegan Sun Casino in Plains Township, but the cab dropped her off at Turkey Hill due to her not having cash on her to pay for the ride. Sandefer became loud and aggravated with officers when thye would not give her a ride to a hotel or casino. Sandefer was given several verbal warnings by officers to calm down but she continued to be disorderly

Sandefer was taken into custody and transported to the Faiview Township Police Department. While in custody Sandefer admitted using cocaine and heroin for a second time within the last three days, Sandefer refused any type of medical treatment when asked by officers. Officer Collotty confirmed by phone with White Hall Township Police that Carissa Sandfere was arrested within the last 24 hours for attempting to obtain money in the same manner with a prepaid card. While in custody Sandefer was yelling obscenities at the officers.

A preliminary hearing has been set for September 23 at 10 a. m. before Magisterial District Ronald Swank.