Ice Lakes

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Lakes several years ago that was drained for improvements.

The board pledged to solve the discharge pipe problem working with Engineer Pasonick and DEP. “It will not happen overnight,” Pipech summed up.

Rice Township Treasurer Barbara Wasiakowski reported Rice Township has a total of $367,858.16 on hand. The General Fund has $258,079.04. Liquid Fuels totals $96,537.70. Recreation Fund has $13,241.42.

The 2015 Rice Paving Project was set to commence September 4. American Asphalt was awarded a bid of $118,537.70 for portions of Fairwood Boulevard, Aleksander Boulevard and Wilderness Drive. Roadmaster Pipech said he was working out a plan to pave an additional area of Wilderness Drive at the bottom of the “horseshoe” and also a badly deteriorated section of Henry Drive. The paving should be completed within a week.

Don Herres, Senior Warden from St. Martin-in-the Fields Church addressed the board at their August 4, 2015 meeting about the 2015 Kite Festival, scheduled for September 26th. The event is being cosponsored by the Mountain Top Rotary Club. The money is being used to provide children 12 and under with a kite. This is a community event, not exclusive to St. Martin’s. The board approved a donation of $500 to the Kite Festival.

Herres also offered the St. Martin’s Church as a polling place. A police officer will be assigned to the polling place during election hours. The board said the current location at the municipal building was not handicapped accessible. Luzerne County Election Board has inspected St. Martin’s for a change in the polling location. The change could be made for the 2015 General Election November 3, 2015. Residents will be notified by mail if the new polling place location is approved.

Alicia Stier was appointed Zoning Officer until the end of 2015. Alan Snelson had been appointed Zoning Officer in July after Bob Pipech was appointed to the Board of Supervisors. Snelson has retired. Solicitor Dean stated that Rice Township goes above and beyond what other communities do in having a Zoning Officer hold office hours two nights per week. He does not believe that practice is necessary since the Secretary is in the office 5 days per week and may assist with zoning matters.

Bob Pipech informed the Board that the Rice Township Fire Truck has been returned by Wright Township, well equipped and is stored in the Public Works garage. A payment of $9,539.01 was approved to the Wright Township Fire Department for the third quarter payment of 2015 under the contract that was approved in 2013.

The board hired Jack Varaly, Penn Eastern to complete the Rice Township Comprehensive plan.

A new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Rice Township Board of Supervisors and the Rice Township Police Department commencing January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018 was approved in August. The board approved a payment of $1,758 to the Mountain Top Council of Governments (COG) for shared expenses from June 4 to August 20, 2015. Residents can now purchase a $10 permit from the COG and take their leaves to the COG compost pile in the Crestwood Industrial Park. There will be no more leaf collection at the rear of the municipal building near the recycling center.

The Board of Supervisors advertised and received bids for the “as is” retired 2008 Chevrolet Impala Police vehicle and equipment. The following bids were received:

Chicago Motors Inc. $2207.00, J. B. Taxi $1133.00, Yousef Dabbagh $1168.00.

The bid from Chicago Motors Inc. in the amount of $2207.00 was accepted for the purchase of the “as is” retired 2008 Chevrolet Impala Police vehicle and equipment. The board approved a Beekeeping Club to utilize the Rice Township Building on the third Thursday of

every month