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With kits provided by Rice Township government, children attending the festival can decorate and then piece together kites during one of three workshops throughout the day. The kites won’t be the traditional diamond shape, Rich added, but are a modern design made to be easier to fly.

Even if there’s no wind, kids can run and pull the modern kites up into the air, Rich remarked. “You give an eight or 10-year-old a kite and a nice big field to run in, they’ll make it work,” he laughed. But, late September is the perfect time to hold a kite festival, as it’s a windier time of year as the seasons are changing, he said.

In addition to building and flying kits, the festival –all at no cost to attendees -will have face painting, balloon animals, a deejay providing music, a bounce castle, and cotton candy. “It’s a way for families to have fun, who otherwise can’t afford something like an amusement park,” Rich related.

Food will also be sold at a concession stand, and an auction will be held, where small and big items, such as passes to Disney World, will be given away. This will be the third year for the Mountain Top Kite Festival. Last year, over 400 people attended, Rich said, and 180 children made kites.

“We hope it keeps getting bigger and better each year,” he said, adding that seeing children smiling and laughing at past festivals has been so worthwhile. And, Rich related, the event brings him back to his youth.

“There’ll be all kinds of wacky and fun things to do,” he said. “And I’ll be there in my funny hat, trying to act like a big kid.”