Rice Township Paving Project Expected To Be Complete By September 15

The Rice Township 2015 paving project should be completed by September 15, according to discussion at the board of supervisors meeting on August 4, 2015. American Asphalt was awarded a bid of $118,537.70 for portions of Fairwood Boulevard, Aleksander Boulevard, and Wilderness Drive on July 6. Secretary Alicia Stier told the board that a project number for Liquid Fuels was issued and the American Asphalt received notification to proceed, which gives them a 30-day window to begin the project.

Roadmaster Bob Pipech reported that patching is done for 5 hours and is followed by 3 hours of sealing. The Roadmaster said he did not want any roads opened up.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is in the process of livetrapping the beavers at the Ice Lakes. If they are unable to trap them, Rice has permission to break the dam, which will provide access to areas that need to be mowed.

The walking path has been taken care of and the Public Works department will be working on removing most of the foliage around and near the park restrooms. Pipech stated that they were a safety hazard.

The Roadmaster will be attending a meeting with the Luzerne County to discuss municipalities taking over the county roads and bridges.

Rice Township will once again contact Luzerne County to reinforce their participation in a county wide spraying program for the 2016 Gypsy Moth season. County participation is partnered with the Department of Environmental Protection and the cost in other counties has been split at 80% from the state and 20% from the county of from individuals owning properties in the spraying program. Miller Stella said he wanted the county to pay 100% of the cost of spraying.