Dinosaur Days in St Jude Library

One of the favorite themes this year in the library classes for the youngest students at St. Jude School was dinosaurs. Students in the PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, first, and second grades learned much about this topic, especially after listening to the book Did Dinosaurs Live in Your Back Yard? The book covered information concerning when dinosaurs

lived, how we got to know about them through fossils, how they got their names, what they ate, how they protected themselves, and where we are still discovering them. They also enjoyed quick facts about dinosaurs, such as which one had the biggest head, the longest neck, and could run the fastest. Shown with their dinosaurs, front from left: Cali Glaser, Isabelle Wasley, Avari DeAngelo, and Jacob Hunsinger. Back: Katelyn Swiech, Jackie Gallagher, Camden Brownell, Eva Martin, and Claire Pugh.