Sister Ellen

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“Right now I am just settling in,” said Sister Ellen. “Where do you take an excellent Blue Ribbon School? What Ms. Rossi has accomplished is excellence.”

Mrs. Rossi relates that the Blue Ribbon Award was indeed her biggest accomplishment while at St. Jude, referring to the prestigious award for excellence the school received in 2013. Mrs. Rossi says that although she is sad to leave the St. Jude Family, she is looking forward to spending time with her children and grandchildren.

“I want to be there to support them,” said Mrs. Rossi. “I am looking forward to attending school functions I have missed in the past. I feel confident I’m leaving the school in great hands.”

“I will be forever grateful to Father Quinnan for hiring me,” continued Mrs. Rossi, upon reflection of her time at St. Jude. “He had confidence in me and pushed me past my comfort zone in so many ways. He helped me to see the possibilities. The Blue Ribbon award speaks so well of the teachers and the parents who support everything we do. The kids are very motivated; they really want to achieve. “

Sister Ellen adds that, like Rossi, she has a philosophy of a shared leadership model -empowering others to be a part of the process as opposed to being “the boss”. Sister Ellen met all the children at the end of the school year. She says she is looking forward to meeting each teacher individually to learn about them and gain a connection before the start of the next school year.

“That is what makes St. Jude work -the involvement of the teachers and parents.” explained Sister Ellen. “The sense of working together for the goal of educating the kids, maintaining their faith values, and preparing them for their place in society.”

Despite being on the cusp of a new adventure, Mrs. Rossi is sad to close this chapter of her life.

“We have an incredible school on the mountain and we have to get the word out and continue to demonstrate that this is a wonderful place to be,”remarks Mrs. Rossi. “Parents have to sacrifice to send their children to this school, but it’s worth the sacrifice. In the 10 years I’ve been here, it’s been a joy” continued Rossi “We’ve really grown and I know we will continue to grow.”

“I am looking forward to being with the children again,” said Sister Ellen. “It’s in me. Just being in the whole educational system is very rewarding for me.”