Variances Needed For More Parking At Fairvew Elementary School

Officials at Fairview Elementary School hope to reconstruct the parking area in front of the building to add more spaces. The project, which has already gone before the Fairview Township Planning Commission, needs some zoning variances before it can continue.

Zoning Officer John Doddo told the Fairview Township Board of Supervisors of the school’s plans at its August 4 meeting. Barry Issett & Associates, the school’s engineering firm, brought a blueprint of its proposal to the planning commission in early July. The sketch included millwork and the addition of nine parking spaces, Doddo said.

Parking is tight when school is in session and, during events that involve parents, cars often spill out of the lot and onto Spruce Street and Shady Tree Drive. Issues arose with the original plan to add spaces, however. The plan indicated that impervious surface covered would be increased by 2,000 square feet, needing a variance, and that the new spaces would be 20 feet long, when the township ordinance requires 22-foot spaces, Doddo related.

Doddo also noted concerns with the number of handicapped spaces provided. In increasing the current parking spaces from 85 to 94, the school needs to provide at least four handicapped spaces, he said, which the original plan did not.

Barry Isett’s project manager met with Doddo later in July, he reported, and plans to revise and submit new plans to the township. Fairview Elementary had hoped to complete the work in August, before the school year begins, he said. But for now, Doddo added, “It’s a dead issue until they.