Old River Church Services Listed

The churches of the Wapwallopen Ministerium and the Old River Church Cemetery Association hold services at the Old River Church on Rte 239 in Wapwallopen (just north of Heller’s Orchards) each Sunday during July and August at 6:00 pm for evening worship with refreshments afterward.

Erected in 1833 and restored in 1954 by the Wapwallopen Historical Society, the church sits in a beautiful location on a wooded hillside. Its simple façade contrasts with the remarkable innovations of the day inside. The height of the building is not just for show, but allows for two stories of pews on three walls. On the fourth wall, the pulpit is raised approximately 10 feet on a “wineglass” pedestal to make it easier for the minister to preach to the congregation seated in both stories.

The voices raised in song are accompanied by a pump organ, which is still in use today. Over 40 people gathered for evening worship on July 12 when Emmanuel UCC hosted the first service of the season. Everyone is invited to join us in simple yet inspiring worship services. The remaining services will be hosted by:

August 2 –St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

August 9 –St. John’s UCC August 16 –St. Peter’s UCC August 23 –Mt. Zion UCC August 30 –Cemetery Association