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attorney argued that the construction season is quickly running out and the wait for DEP’s action could delay the construction commencement until 2016.

Jenkins said the he couldn’t issue a permit, but the supervisors could approve the issuance of a zoning permit pending DEP’s approval.

Solicitor Donald Karpowich advised that the Conditional approval could be granted provided the developer is willing to indemnify the township and its officials from any liability should DEP deny the planning module. In other words, he summarized that they could start construction entirely at their own risk.

To this end, the applicants produced the Indemnification document, previously review by Atty. Karpowich and the supervisors granted the Conditional approval.

A discussion also ensued regarding traffic passing this location and elsewhere in the township during the pending Transco Pipeline construction. Supervisor candidate Kevin Gallagher asked the board to reconsider a paving project of approximately one mile of Prospect Road. Gallagher based his recommendation to hold off on the paving until the pipeline construction is complete. Previously, the board had informed that the plan calls for a 4.2 mile project installing a 42-inch pipe. The construction traffic is to travel from the interstate onto Blue Ridge Trail and then up St. Mary’s Road.

Gallagher said, “I know that’s

what they say, but you know local guys are going to run that road heavy.”

Zane reminded that the bid was accepted and the residents along that road have lived with the deteriorating conditions for a long time. “There’s nothing we can do to stop local traffic on that road.”

The contract was awarded to Popple Construction from Laflin with a total bid of $252,309.12. The project will be funded with the assistance of a $130,000 Local Share Grant, which Zane reminded has a deadline for use.

Bids were also awarded on a resurfacing of a portion of Taney Road under the guidance of the Luzerne County Conservation District, which offers Dirt and Gravel Road maintenance training. The project calls for the installation and compaction of Driving Surface Aggregate. The DSA material components form a pave-like consistency when proper compaction techniques are used.

Over-bids were received in June, leading to a rebid of the project to avoid having to meet federal wage requirements. The bids were advertised for a volume of the DSA material delivered and installed at a cost not to exceed $23,000. The bid was awarded to American Asphalt with the highest volume of materials at that price.

It was announced that the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 10 at 7 pm.