St. Jude’s

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new structure.”

Recently, parishioners were sent a letter by Father Joe that lays out the timeline over the next few years to the projected consecration of the new church in June of 2017. Beginning this month, the parish will apply for a number of permits and submit the necessary site plans to local and state governments, which they hope to have secured by the fall. A zoning meeting was held in Wright Township on July 27 during which St. Jude’s was scheduled to discuss construction plans for its new church.

Final bids are scheduled to be awarded sometime around the new year, with the groundbreaking happening in the spring of 2016. The letter asks for continued support of the project both financially and via donation of talent, expertise and volunteerism in order to build their new church “With Hope. With Love. With Faith.”

Father Joe relates that every pastoral assignment has its challenges, but that, while this is a big task, it is an exciting one and a privilege to work with so many people of the congregation that are chipping in to make this happen.

“There have been hundreds of people working very hard with the whole parish to be able to provide a new church to give greater glory to God. I think we are in a good place. These changes bring the excitement of the potential of working together as a team,” remarks Father Joe.

One of the biggest challenges of such a project is maintaining patience. This is especially difficult at this stage since most of the work at this point.

“The process at this stage is not about bricks and mortar. It is about design development, fundraising and planning,” says Father Joe. “Everybody wants this process to happen much quicker than it does. Six years is a long time to be working on this for some people even more for this to happen. Until you see that shovel in the ground, it can be tough.”

But that phase is fast approaching as the capital campaign closes within $300,000. Father Joe notes that he is mostly looking forward to the smiles and joy on the faces of those who have worked so hard to make this project a reality.

“This is a wonderfully exciting time for possibilities to secure the Catholic Church on the mountain and really appreciate Gods work in our lives. I am looking forward to being able to experience that and to give thanks to God for that moment,” concludes Father Joe.