Wyoming Seminary Upper School Awards Merit Scholarships

Wyoming Seminary Upper School recently awarded merit scholarships, including one full four-year scholarship, to 12 rising freshmen and one rising sophomore.

The Sem Scholarship program awards scholarships to eighth-and ninth-graders with exceptional academic talents from schools other than Wyoming Seminary. The recipients are chosen on the basis of their performance on the Sem Scholarship Test, a competitive exam, as well as on interviews with the scholarship committee and their academic profile. Test-takers are also eligible to receive four-year Deans Merit Scholarships, for those who scored within the top 20 percent of all students taking the exam.

The school also awards two Henderson Scholarships to eighth-grade graduates of the Lower School who excel on a competitive exam and have demonstrated strong communication skills and significant contributions to the Lower School. In addition, applicants to Sem who are in eighth and ninth grades and who rank in the top 10 percent of their class are eligible for four-year Blue Knight Scholarships.

Jacob Stefanowicz, a rising freshman, received the full tuition, four-year Sem Scholarship. Rising freshmen Bernard Frantz, Michael Giallorenzi, Sophie Guichardan of Drums, and rising sophomore Adwitya Singh received half-tuition, four-year scholarships.

Recipients of the Blue Knight Scholarships include Halle Kehl of Mountain Top, Kelsey Reznick of Drums and Harish Yerra. Recipients of the Deans Merit Scholarships are Patrick Andes, Ryan Perry and William Ziegler of Mountain Top. Recipients of the Henderson Scholarship are Michael Doggett and Allison Hohn of Mountain Top.

The 2016 Wyoming Seminary Scholarship Exam will be given on Saturday, November 7 at the Upper School campus in Kingston.