MMI Presents Student Awards

MMI Preparatory School recently held its Awards Convocation with many students in ninth through 12th grades receiving awards.

MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood said, “These students have excelled in a variety of areas and we are pleased to honor their dedication to academics and community.”

Claire Sheen, Mountaintop; received a certificate of achievement for being named a National Merit Scholarship finalist and recipient, as well as a semifinalist in the 2015 U. S. Presidential Scholars Competition.

The Eckley B. Coxe Jr. Memorial Subject Awards were presented to senior students who have excelled in their fields of study as follows: Math, Tristan Gibbons, Mountaintop; Science, English, History and Spanish, Claire Sheen, Mountaintop.

MMI subject awards were presented to students in the following categories:

Ninth grade: Music Performance, Angel Alday, Mountaintop; German, David Caldwell, Mountaintop;

11th grade: Science and Spanish, Jay Solgama, Mountaintop;

Other award presentations included: American Math Competition Exam 12 first-place award, Jay Solgama, Mountaintop; Student Mathematics Club of Marywood University regional math exam Level 1 third-place award, Ali Aijaz, Mountaintop; Student Mathematics Club of Marywood University regional math exam Level 2 first-place award, Jay Solgama, Mountaintop; Hazleton Art League Art Youth Expo Most Realistically Rendered Award, Claire Sheen, Mountaintop; Scholastic Writing Awards’ Northeast Writing Region-at-Large Competition Personal Essay/Memoir Honorable Mention Award, Victoria Kline, Mountaintop.

Awards for the National German Exam were presented as follows: German 2 Bronze Award, Garret Kost and Megan Marchetti; German 1 Silver Award, David Caldwell, Mountaintop; and Joseph Taylor, Mountaintop;

Awards for the National Spanish Exam were presented as follows: Spanish 1 Silver Award, Angel Alday, Mountaintop; Spanish 2 Silver Award, Ali Aijaz, Mountaintop; Spanish 2 Bronze Award, Dan Tron, Mountaintop; Spanish 2 Honorable Mention Award, Kisan Patel, Mountaintop; Spanish 3 Bronze Award, Andrew Alday, Mountaintop; and Jay Solgama, Mountaintop; Spanish 4 Silver Award, Claire Sheen. The 2015 Premio de Honor Spanish Honor Society Award was presented to Claire Sheen, Mountaintop.

Awards for MMI’s performance at the Monroe County Mock Trial Tournament were presented as follows: Outstanding Attorney Claire Sheen; Best Witness Award, Mahad Muhammad, Mountaintop; and Best Advocate Award, Claire Sheen.

MMI students honored for their participation in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District 9 Orchestra, District Jazz, and Honors Band festivals were: District Orchestra, Angel Alday, Mountaintop; and Claire Sheen.

Academic and community service awards were presented as follows:

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, Mikayla Dove, Mountaintop;

University of Pennsylvania Book Award, Jay Solgama; Wellesley College Club Book Award, Victoria Kline, Mountaintop;

Open House winners were also honored with Level 2 awards being given to ninth-and 10th-grade students and Level 3 awards to 11thand 12th-grade students. Winners were: Science: first place, Level 3, and Jay Solgama, “Effects of Microwave Popcorn”.