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is from her own observations and experiences that she draws her stories.

“I’m actually inspired quite randomly,” she says. “I hear something like a line from a song and take whatever hits me and ask myself a lot of ‘what if’ questions. Then it kind of expands from there.”

Van Gorden notes the biggest challenge is always finding time to write with three children involved in sports, but also points out that it is a great stress reliever for her and that she loves the creative process. Her favorite moment is when the realness of a character drives changes to the original storyline in her head.

“I love sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper and have it come together. Its fun to have an idea and that it can turn out later to be something totally different. I write by the seat of my pants and it all sort of happens and rolls along,” explains Janet.

While her initial writing process may be very freeform, Janet says she has a very methodical way of editing her work. It is this process that she says is her biggest challenge since it often forces her to cut pieces of her story that may be special to her, but not necessary for the reader.

“You write something and put so much time and effort into it and then you have to go back and take parts of it out. It is so hard to take lines out,” remarks Janet.

The Sky is the Limit is now available on Amazon in an ebook format for Kindle and on Create Space for the print edition. While Van Gorden says she is initially “petrified” that her work is online for anyone to access, she eventually settles into one of pride in her accomplishment.

“It is a very labor intensive process,” she says, “but once its up online its awesome to see it there.”

Janet adds she has a few more ideas for stories and would love to organize a group of readers in a “street team” and create a fan club with different incentives to spread the word about the series. She is currently planning on creating a box set of the series and schedule a book signing. Her work can be found on her website www.janetvangorden.comor on Facebook at “janetvangordenbooks”.