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least 4 or 5 days to get that done. The forecast has not been cooperating with us. We are going to try to get it done this month.”

Under Lake Management, Johnson advised that the Lake Manager reported that the, “lake condition is the best that is has been since he started. He attributes that to the sewer system.”

Johnson noted that he had mentioned previously that the Lake Association is depleting it’s treasury in supporting treatment programs on the lake to improve the aquaculture and to prevent the takeover by fanwort, an invasive, introduced, aquatic plant.

“I am looking at the possibility of some grant money which would have to run through council to make repairs to the Pavilion.” Johnson explained that Stormwater run-off from Raeder Avenue is channeled along the foundation of the century-old historic pavilion, resulting in damages to the building’s interior and foundation.

In return for that, he assured, the lake treatment plans can continue to be funded and managed through the Lake Association.

President John Kochan reminded that this type of cooperative venture is supported by “past precedent. That’s how we got the bubblers put in.”

Councilor Ron Kaiser concurred that the road run-off between Raeder and Vandermark Avenue is heading directly through a paved walkway adjacent to the Pavilion and the Nuangola Chapel. He asked Tucker to review drainage systems in that area to consider a redirection away from the two community buildings.