Janet Van Gorden Publishes Third Book In Romance Series
NUANGOLA AUTHOR Janet Van Gorden recently had her third book entitled The Sky is the Limit published in her Paramour Romance Series.

Nuangola resident Janet Van Gorden has just published her third book in her Paramour Romance Series, entitled The Sky is the Limit.

The story begins when playboy bartender, Sean Sullivan, is paid a visit by an old flame who has been sent to interview him for a magazine expose. The story explores the series of events and reactions of the two former lovers to seeing each other again after years apart. The book is the third of what Van Gorden describes as “second chance” romance stories about people who find themselves facing past relationships. Her first book, His Second Chance was not meant to be the beginning of a series, but Van Gorden found that there were three male characters in that book that seemed to warrant their own story. The second in the series, Take Me Home is the only other of the three, and Van Gorden plans no more for this series, although she has ideas for others.

Van Gorden published her first book in 2013 but says she has wanted to be an author ever since she was in elementary school. She had attempted several types of stories before, including a children’s book she submitted to a publisher while in college. However, between her job and her family, Van Gorden says she simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to writing, until her husband, Eric, made it a point to encourage her. She says he and her three children: Ethan, Joshua and Madison, have all been very supportive of her during the process, pitching in around the house and encouraging her every step of the way.

“My husband is really, really, supportive,” says Janet. “He encouraged me in the first place and I have him to thank.”

Janet relates that she draws some of her inspiration from movies about people brought together by past experiences, where earlier relationships were interrupted by life and circumstances allow them to reconnect. Mostly, however, it