Nuangola To Research Gypsy Moth 2016 Program

In a brief July 14th meeting, four Nuangola council members made a quorum and quickly dispatched their agenda and addressed citizen’s concerns.

Among the highlights was a request –or a demand –to know if council will participate in a gypsy moth spraying program to protect the borough in 2016.

“Nuangola has been hit hard,” declared Sally DiRico. She reminded that Luzerne County has asked residents and community groups to register their interest in preventative spraying. “I’m concerned if individuals do it, it may not get coverage as need be. We want to know if Nuangola is going to request to be covered.”

“Yes, yes, yes and yes,” replied Vice President Joseph Tucker.

“Okay,” DiRico replied.

“I think that the county is going to be hard pressed not to spray the entire county next year,” Councilor Michael Johnson concurred.

Council also supported Tucker’s request for the approval to replace the engine on their low-mileage dump truck at a cost expected to be $2,575. But to allow for any additional repairs needed at the time of the replacement, he asked for funds, “not to exceed $3,000.” The request was quickly granted.

In other business, Tucker advised that pothole patching is continuing at the rate permitted by the weather. Previously approved funds for a project to repair the gravel section of Willow Grove Avenue are on hold, he said, “We need a stretch of at