Property Transfers

Property Transfers December 19 to February 14.

George and Marian Weber, Dorrance Township to Jeffrey E. Papciak, $17,500.

Leonard C. and Beverly Falcone, 405 Black Walnut Drive, Fairview Township to Chad J. and Caelie Sweigart, $500,000.

Mark J. and Mary Beth Luchi, Wright Township to Jeffrey R. Williams Jr. and Nicole C. Williams, $285,266.

Greater Wilkes-Barre Development Corporation and Luzerne County Industrial Development Authority, Wright Township to 699 Crestwood Drive, LLC, $28,878.

Prologis Six Rivers Limited Partnership and BRE/IVP Cimmaron GP LLC (General Partner), 1 Philips Drive, Wright Township to Icon Owner Pool 4 Northeast/Midwest, LLC, $22,776,838.

Jeffrey T. and Jennifer Smith, 12 Orchard View Lane, Wright Township to Robert A. and Deborah L. Ziadie, $395,000.

William T. and Theresa Martin, 324 Cedar Manor Drive, Fairview Township to Gregory M. and Kelly Vandenberg, $369,900.

Jerome F. and Veronica A. Scarpati, 197 Patriot Circle, Rice Township to Getin Regep, $110,000.

Arthur R. Hoats Jr. and Debra E. Hoats, Wright Township to Joshua E. Bridge, $82,000.

Bruno Andrews and Bruno B. Andrews Jr., Slocum Township to Shawn Peters, $32,000.

Kathleen J. Ziomek, 10 Coplay Drive, Rice Township to Scott W. and Crystal L. Lovett, $196,000.

Terrence W. Kimmey and Terence W. Kimmey, 2 James Place, White Haven Borough to Bryan Cantor, $128,000.

Allen W. and Selena R. Snyder, 516 Morning Glory Place, Fairview Township to Mark A. and Lucina K. Urash, $389,000

William D. Moore, Maureen Q. Moore and Maureen O. Moore, 122 Spruce Street, Fairview Township to Joshua J. and Elizabeth L. Shipula, $275,000.

Kielar Lake, Inc, Margaret Pelczar, Elizabeth Skweir, Leon Skweir and Barbara Kline, Slocum Township/ Newport Township to Kielar Lake Lodge, LLC, $1,600,000.

Ona Pawlowski and Ona Smith, 7230 Blue Ridge Trail, Dorrance Township to Michelle M. Llewellyn and Timothy J. Figueroa, $175,000.

Fannie Maie and Federal National Mortgage Association, 13 Sycamore Road, Wright Township to George

M. Kapral II and Lia M. Kapral, $155,000.

Peter William Steffen, 278 Church Road, Wright Township to John A. Williams, $108,000.

Patrick S. Janison (Executor), Edward S. Janison Jr (Estate), Edward S. Janision (Estate) and Patrick S. Janision, 970 Blue Ridge Trail, Slocum Township to Gary E. Weaver, Rebecca R. Weaver and Erin

L. Weaver, $127,660. United States, Department of

Housing and Urban Development, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 16 Oak Drive, Wright Township to Venkay, LLC, $96,201. Dawn Luchi (Executrix), Francis Edgar Myers (Estate), and Edgar

F. Myers (Estate), Lily Lake Road, Slocum Township to Patrick C. Andrews, Stephanie D. Andrews and John P. Andrews II, $46,000.