Dorrance Board Awards $250K Paving Project

Dorrance supervisors started the paving season with an ambitious project -to mill and resurface approximately one mile of the township’s busy Prospect Road.

Acting at the June 8 municipal meeting the board, lead by Chair Gary Zane, opened 4 bid packages. Explaining the minimal specifications, Zane opened the four bids which each delivered pricing on 11,800 feet of milling bituminous; 2,832 tons of wearing course, superpave; and 1,584 feet of double yellow line-painting.

“The first is from Pennsy Supply,” he stated. Afterward he read bids from Popple Construction, Hazleton Site Contractor and American Asphalt. Of the four, three were grouped together in price and one was at the upper end on the scale.

Low bidder Popple Construction from Laflin won the job with a total bid of $252,309.12. Rounding off the tally sheet were Pennsy Supply at $254,859.20; American Asphalt at $268,980.80 and at the high spot was Hazleton Site Contractors at $295,533.60.

The scope of work calls for the project to resurface the road from the Interstate 81 overpass in the east to the intersection with Country Club Drive to the west.

Bids for a second road project across the township on Taney Road were also read. The roadway is compacted gravel and with the consulting assistance of the Luzerne County Conservation District, the bid rewired the installation of a special stone product.

The material for the gravel road repair is Driving Surface Aggregate and as previously explained, it must be acquired from a certified quarry. As bid, the project called for the purchase and installation of 1,100 tons of DSA delivered. The consultants on the project are the Luzerne County Conservation District, which offers Dirt and Gravel Road maintenance training. The material components form a pave-like consistency when proper compaction techniques are used.

Two bids were read, but the award could not be granted because bid amounts exceeded the prevailing wage threshold.

Further action was tabled until the matter could be reviewed by the Conservation District.

In other business, Zoning Officer Alan Snelson reported a busy month in May with, “a lot of action,” with 2 new home permits, along with a barn and a detached garage and a new equalization tank at the Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority.

Secretary Patricia Davis read the fire company report stating that they responded to “12 motor vehicle accidents, 3 structure fires, I vehicle fires, six brush fires and 2 activated structure alarms, and they had 2 drills.”

Ambulance calls included, “6 motor vehicle accidents, 8 medical and one assist to the fire.”

Roadmaster Todd Badman advised that pothole patching on paved and gravel roads has taken precedence. He noted that drain cleaning, pothole patching and brush cutting has begun and will continue.

Dorrance Township Volunteer Fire Company hosted their 4th annual motorcycle run and car cruise on June 20 at the fire hall on St. Johns road and finished at the Post 781 American Legion.