My Beautiful Sister Diane

Diane Michaels was one in a million. Everyone who knew her would say the same. I am proud to call her my sister and best friend. She was a loving sister, daughter, aunt and wife. Diane would always put herself down about not being physically beautiful, but she was inside and out a beauty.

Diane loved life until she got sick with pain. She loved her house and sharing it with the man she loved. Tom, you had her for 33 years. You knew you had the best. Four of those 33 years she suffered with dignity. You took care of my sister and we love you for that. Now it’s time to let her go. Diane won’t let you be alone Tom. She will always be by your side. You had a beautiful life together. You always smiled at her, held her hand and kissed her cheeks, never leaving her out of your sight.

Diane had a lot of friends who will miss her for the rest of their lives. Diane and our mother were inseparable. At the age of 98 she still asks for

her. We will continue to care for our mother. Diane loved to tell a joke, many she heard from her employment at

Fairchild. I don’t know how she remembered them. I can hear her laughing now.

The minute Tom would ask her to go to the Casino in a wheelchair, she wouldn’t hesitate. This was a way of forgetting her pain for a little time. Until we meet again, Diane we will always think of you and love you. I know you will be with Dad and Sonny. May you rest in peace.

Diane suffered 4 ½ years with cancer and now she is free of all pain and suffering. God took her home on May 22, 2015 so that he could have another beautiful angel by his side.

Mary Ann Moran