Property Transfers

Property Transfers December 19 to February 14

R&A LLC, 799 Henry Drive, Rice Township to John and Jennifer E. Welgosh, $224,900.

Irene G. Rostock (per agent), John J. Rostock (per agent), John J. Rostock Sr. (per agent), John R. Rostock Sr. (per agent), John J. Rostock Jr. (agent), Wright Township to Paul and Joanne Yaple, $150,000.

James P. and Hedi M. Touey, 10 Red Coat Lane, Wright Township to Anthony P. and April Cariot, $176,900.

Daniel J. Glaser, Chelsea L. Glaser and Chelsea L. Myers, Nuangola Borough to Jonathan and Heather McConnell, $99,450.

Jason N. Cave, 967 Aspen Drive, Rice Township to Stone Financing, LLC, $180,000.

Stone Financing, LLC, 967 Aspen Drive, Rice Township to Daniel and Chelsea Glaser, $180,000.

Louis Donald Flaim, 301 Allegheny Street, White Haven Borough to Robert W. and Cornelia F. Adams, $27,000.

Southern Specialty Properties, LLC, Fairview Township to Neighborlee Homes, LLC, $20,500.

Catherine Brazinski (Executrix), Lawrence Brazinski (Estate), Lisa Brush, Rebecca Ney and Rebecca Evans, Dorrance Township to James Rowlands, $68,000.

Russel Dado, Slocum Township to Gerald David Hildebrand, $500.

Ollie M. Stewart, Dorrance Township to Issac L. and Susan M. Deemer, $145,000.

Colleen L. Gower (Co-Executor), Pamela D. Cawley (Co-Executor) and Ruth L. Berger (Estate), White Haven Borough to Terrance W. Kimmey, $32,000.

Frank J. Muldowney, James A. Muldowney, Kevin Muldowney (Executor) and John J. Muldowney (Estate), White Haven Borough to Frank and James Muldowney, $4,700.

Frank S. and Paula G. Mentrikoski, 419 Ice Harvest Drive, Rice Township to Thomas Edward and Ona Marie Smith, $410,000.

Ian Creegan, White Haven Borough to William J. Rinaldi, $10,000.

Robert J. Gatz (Per Attorney In Fact), Dawn M. Gatz (Per Attorney In Fact) and Cartus Financial Corporation (Attorney In Fact), 15 Bow Creek Drive, Fairview Township to Cartus Financial Corporation, $299,100.

Cartus Financial Corporation, 15 Bow Creek Drive, Fairview Township to Kasey Krutski, $299,100.

Margaret Hale (Executrix) and Edward W. Shellhamer (Estate), Wright Township to Gyuldzhan and Gyuldzhan-Gil Osman, $162,000.

Scott W. and Alice Clifford, 245 Hemlock Terrace, Fairview Township to Jeffrey and Dorte Orberson, $307,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation, Rice Township to Benjamin Rebarchak, $110,500.