Rice Students Tour Quarry

Fourth-grade students from Rice Elementary School were scheduled to tour Dorrance Quarry in Dorrance Township on May 18 to learn about the aggregate industry, it’s jobs and conservation of natural resources. More than 120 students are excited to attend this yearly field trip.

This event is part of a comprehensive educational program, known as RockMan, which teaches students about the future employment possibilities in the aggregate industry. Prior to their tour of the quarry, students spent a week learning about the aggregate industry in the classroom. The tour will include presentations and activities that focus on how to mine minerals for road building materials and why mining is important to our economy. Students also will learn about efforts to conserve water at the quarry.

There will also be a presentation on safety encouraging children to stay out of quarries and mines in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The Pennsy Supply Dorrance Quarry is located on Small Mountain Road, Dorrance Township.