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Five Crestwood School Board candidates were cross-filed on the Democratic and Republican ballots for five open seats. All will advance to the general election in November.

Joe Kaminski was high vote getter with 1160, 524 Republican and 636 Democratic.

Ken Malkemes had 1128 votes, 542 Republican and 586 Democratic.

Bill Jones had a total of 1118 votes, 533 Republican and 585 Democratic.

William Thomas had 1098 votes, 511 Republican and 587 Democratic.

Al Miller garnered a total of 987 with 460 Republican and 527 Democratic.

Justin Behrens had filed a nominating petition for Crestwood School Drector, but was disqualified for not filing financial paperwork in a timely manner. Behrens mounted a write-in campaign. A total of 588 ballots were cast under write-in. Behrens told the Eagle he believed at least 538 of those votes were for him. “I had poll workers in every township and I won in Fairview and Slocum. I learned a lot and will be back again in 2 years,” said Behrens.