Tax Increase

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One retirement set for the next school year is Superintendent David McLaughlin-Smith who announced at the start of the meeting, “I did share with the board tonight that my tenure at Crestwood of 11 years will be concluding during the next school year. I believe I’ll be retiring sometime in January 2016.”

Also, the superintendent noted regarding Human Resources, “The Act 93 compensation plan from July 1st 2015 to June 30, 2020 will be posted on the board website. The highlights are, for the year 15 –16, it will be a 2.4% increase; based on the state base index of 1.9 +.5%. Moving forward in their compensation agreement it will be the base index increased by .5, not to exceed 3% -unless the index is greater than 3%; and then it will be just what the index is.”

Plans for the coming year also include the replacing of stadium turf under a bid from Field Turf in the amount of $582,568.92. It was reported by Orloski that the cost will be covered under the new bond issue along with infrastructure repairs to the roof and the parking lot.

The school calendar was approved showing a start date of September 8th.

Graduation is set for Friday, June 12th at the Mohegan Sun Arena at 6 pm with the Senior Lock-in to follow at Crestwood.