Mountaintop Visitors Thank Burick’s Service Station For Help
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

My wife and I recently attended a funeral service in your town for a family relative. Getting to the church was no problem, but afterwards we had a difficulty: a large stain under the engine. When I turned the car on, the warning light message said we had to have a mechanic check the situation.

Fortunately we were only a short distance away from Burick’s Service Station on South Mountain Boulevard. We told Mike Burick about the problem and he said he would call his distributor to get the part, remove the defective unit from the engine, install the new item, and then perform tests to make sure everything was back in good order.

My wife and I adjourned to a local cafe, along with my wife’s sister, for coffee and cake to wait for Mike’s call. When our phone rang, Mike said everything was back in top shape and the vehicle was safe to drive home.

We made it back home -over the l75 miles -without any worries.

We are grateful to Mike and his staff for their hard work. God bless them all. And God bless Pennsylvania for being a beautiful and elegant place to visit.

Sincerely, Henry & Jane Durkin Plainfield NJ