On and Off The Mountain/Stephanie Grubert

Many of us had a busy holiday weekend. The Mountaintop Eagle staff put out back-to-back editions for last week and this week on Monday and Friday. We have to hunker down and put forth more effort the same week, but the payoff is three whole days off.

The Dicus family phoned late last week that they would come to Mountaintop on Saturday night in time for the weekly barbecued dinner. Charlie and I were thrilled as my Memorial Weekend plans had included some major gardening including planting more seeds including sunflowers, vegetable plants, and then beginning the mulching chores. Now we would have some excitement at our house. I am hoping that at this last week in May there are no more frosty nights around. It’s time for the tomatoes, squash, peppers, and beans to rise up and start their quest toward harvest.

The family would enjoy mountain hikes into the Gamelands and bike rides at rails to trails. The woods are so beautiful now with the tree canopy shading the trail. The filtered sun makes so many sparkling colors through the leaves. I am dedicated to walking every day and usually there are only a few days a month that I miss because of weather or commitments. The goal is to make a plan and stick to it.

Finally we could play some golf. Seven-year-old Maggie has already put in her order for new clubs. She is almost as tall as her 10-year-old sister Kate and both girls gave the game some quality time last year. Playing 9 holes with the Blue Ridge Ladies on Tuesdays is not enough to keep me at my best. I need to play two or three times a week to keep a rhythm going.

Whatever your holiday plans were I hope you had a nice time. It is the beginning our wonderful summer season.

Nuangola Road Patching

Road patching has begun on Nuangola Road through Rice Township. I travel east and westbound on that road every single day and the potholes are big and nasty. I have to say the westbound, going toward Nuangola from downtown Mountaintop, is more deteriorated than the other direction. After repeated pleas for action to 1-800-Fix Roads from many drivers we now have action. Nuangola Road is a main east-west thoroughfare along with Church Road. Both get lots of traffic between I-81 and Route 309. It is going to take the patching crew more than a few days to tackle all of the rough patches on the two-mile stretch. It’s a beginning until Nuangola Road moves up the queue to a major renovation.

End of School Term Now that we are looking at the

beginning of June next week the school term will be ending too. The last day of school is June 17. Graduation is Friday June 12 with the Senior Lock-in event following until Saturday morning.

Coming up after school lets out are the day camp programs at Memorial Park in Fairview Township and Wright Township Park. Blue Ridge Trail is beginning their Junior Summer Golf League on Thursday June 18 for golfers aged 10 to 18. Pre-registration is required. Charlie and Patrick Dicus played in the league and both have advanced their skills and had a great time.

Low Voter Turnout The 2015 Primary Election had

the lowest turnout that I can ever remember. According to statistics on the Luzerne County Election website, Mountaintop’s six municipalities pulled in only 15.05% of the total number of registered voters. 1797 voters out of 11,937 cast at least one vote at the polls on May 19.

The ballot was thin this time with statewide judicial races making up the bulk of the choices. Township supervisor and auditor, councilpersons, and school directors ran. Many races were uncontested. Five open seats on the Crestwood School Board had five candidates cross-filed on the ballot. All will appear on the November ballot. A sixth candidate was disqualified before the election and ran a write-in campaign getting 538 votes, about half of what the cross-filers got. Justin Behrens says he will be back in two years.