Primary Election Draws Low Voter Turnout

Voter turnout in Mountaintop for the 2015 Primary Election on May 19 was 15.05% of voter registrations. According to the unofficial Luzerne County Primary Election Results on their website, 1797 registered voters out of a total registration of 11,937 in Mountaintop’s six municipalities cast their ballots last week.

The municipal races are broken down as follows:

Nuangola Borough had the highest voter turnout with 28.26% of or 128 voters out of 453 making choices for three open seats on Borough Council. Council Chairman John Kochan was the low man with 25 votes on the Republican ballot. Michelle Zawoiski had 32, Ted Vancosky had 30 and there were 38 Republican write-ins. Democrat Ronald Kaiser was the lone Democrat with 36 votes. There were 84 Democratic write-ins.

Slocum had no candidates for township supervisor. 98 write-in votes were cast in Slocum, 49 each for the Republican and Democrat ballot. Slocum had 17.91% voter turnout with 125 out of 698 registered reporting to the polls.

A contested supervisor race in Wright Township fared a little better with 15.84% voter turnout. A total of 627 voters out of 3958 total in Wright Township cast votes. Incumbent Candy Smith garnered 171 votes to win the Republican nomination for township supervisor. William Wallick tallied 54 votes. Democrat Mike Marshall got 234 votes and will face Candy Smith in November. There were 35 write-ins on the Republican slate and 43 write-ins for the Democrats for township supervisor.

Rice Township voters totaled 319 for 13.53% of the total vote. Rice has 2358 registrations. Rice Township Democrat Carl Smith won the supervisor’s slot with 115 votes. Democrat Dennis Kijek had 63 Democratic votes. Write-ins totaled 5.

Republican Rick Arnold got 66. Smith also mounted a write-in campaign asking Republicans for their vote. 37 Republican write in tallies were recorded.

Fairview voters totaled 391 for 12.67% out of a total pool of 3086 registrations. Republican Mike Iorio got 133 votes and was unopposed by a Democrat. There were Write-ins for 3 Republicans and 5 Democrats.

Kevin Gallagher won the Republican nomination for supervisor in Dorrance Township with 81 votes. There were 4 Democratic write-ins. Dorrance has 1384 registrations and 207 voters responded.