Mountaintop Ambulance Assoc. Founder Nick Hollock Resigns

Dear Editor,

Nick Hollock has resigned from the Mountaintop Community Ambulance Association after 67 years and 3300 calls. The current Ambulance Board turned down the Luzerne County Election Board and Rice Township’s request to use the Mountaintop Ambulance garage building as is for the Primary Election May 19, 2015. Rice Township donated the land for the garage building many years ago. The request was for only one day and should have been approved.

I am extremely disappointed that the Ambulance Board made this decision. I want to thank the residents of Rice Township and their supervisors for their support all these years. I cannot turn my back on my own people and therefore I must resign after 67 years. It hurts.

Sincerely, Nicholas Hollock

Mountaintop Ambulance Association Founder