Kristin Doran Finds Success In Documentary Film Making
DOCUMENTARY FILM MAKER Kristin Doran recently had her fourth film, Reinventing Healthcare, premier last month on WVIA TV.

Mountaintop resident and Crestwood graduate, Kristin Doran has managed to find success where few have been able –honing her artistic passion and chosen craft of documentary film making in the place she grew up, and managing to make a living doing what she loves.

Doran recently enjoyed the premier of her fourth film, Reinventing American Healthcare, a one hour WVIA original film that explores the Geisinger Health System and it’s “approach to transforming how Americans receive and pay for health care.” It premiered on WVIA TV on April 23.

The film chronicles Geisinger’s evolution from a “single hospital in rural Pennsylvania” to a full health care system that includes its own health plan and is challenging the way health care is both provided and paid for. The film focuses on the transition of Geisinger to a more holistic approach to health care through the incorporation of coordinating care systems, collaborative record keeping and preventive treatment, and is told through the words and experiences of several Geisinger patients.

Creating any film, let alone one about something as complex as the health care industry from start to finish can be a daunting task. A freelance filmmaker like Kristin is responsible for the preproduction process of choosing and arranging interviews, scheduling shoots, collecting b-roll, writing the script, choosing the music and then the post production process of editing all audio and visual elements together in a coherent story. It is a very complex, stressful and time-consuming process, but one that Kristin loves.