Sewer Authority Member Threatened With Ejection From Meeting

Political pressure over a $9 million sewer system in tiny Nuangola Borough brought hostilities to a head at the May 12th Council meeting, culminating in President John Kochan threatening to have Sewer Authority Treasurer and Council candidate Ted Vancosky removed by a police officer.

Vancosky earned Kochan’s fury by asking that council not act on an eviction notice issued to the Authority at a previous meeting. “The project’s over,” Kochan, who is running for re-election, said angrily “And you wouldn’t let people talk at your [Sewer Authority] meeting,” so you’re not going to speak here.

“Does anyone here have a reason for the sewer authority to go away?” Vancosky asked, suggesting the possibility that council members may have personal reasons for wanting the sewer authority to be disbanded.

“Get to the point,” Kochan growled.

Vancosky asked if anyone on council is non-compliant with sewer authority regulations should they be permitted a vote regarding the sewer authority’s use of the borough building, or is that a conflict of interest.

After all, Vancosky continued, “all of the sewer authority members live here in Nuangola. We should have every right to be in this building.”

Kochan, patience expired, responded, “You put new locks on the authority file cabinets implying that we are crooks… Now sit down and shut up.”