School Lunch Menus

The following is the lunch menu for the week of May 25, 2015 for the Crestwood School District:

Elementary Schools

Monday: No school-Memorial Day..

Tuesday: Cheesy popcorn bowl with bread or cheeseburger on bun, mashed potatoes & gravy, steamed corn, choice of fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Egg, ham & cheese on croissant or hot dog on roll, Tater Tots, green pepper strips, choice of fruit, milk.

Thursday: Cheesy beef & macaroni with grain roll or chicken patty on roll, steamed broccoli, Caesar salad, choice of fruit, milk.

Friday: Chicken parm sandwich or stuffed crust pizza, steamed carrots, cucumber slices, choice of fruit, milk.

Available Daily: PB & J sandwich, assorted deli sandwiches & wraps, chef salad & garden salad.

Middle School/High School

Monday: No school-Memorial Day.

Tuesday: Texas toast ham

& cheese sandwich or pulled pork BBQ on bun, tomato soup, steamed broccoli, choice of fruit, milk. Wednesday: Chicken enchiladas or chicken strips with bread, seasoned black beans & rice, lettuce, tomato & salsa, choice of fruit, milk.

Thursday: Popcorn chicken bowl with whole grain roll or meatball & cheese hoagie, corn, mashed potatoes, fruit, milk.

Friday: BBQ pork rib on roll or Italian dinkers with sauce, sweet potato fries, corn salad, choice of fruit, milk.

Grill Line: Cheeseburgers, chicken patties, grilled chicken & pizza, assorted salads, wraps and sandwiches