Fairview Elementary Students To Present ‘Hillybilly Hayride’ May 22

Don’t miss the talented Fairview 6th and 5th grade artists perform in “Hillbilly Hayride!”

The students will take you on an adventure as they tell the story of a 200 year old battle between the feudin’ Tollivers and Calhouns, which makes things difficult for a buddin’ romance between Emmy Lou, a Tolliver, and Lee Roy, a Calhoun.

Their stories capture the interest of almost-bankrupt big city publishing agents who come to sign up the dueling families in their small town of Lonesome Polecat. Meet colorful characters Ruby Perkins, who knows how to catch a husband, and Maw Tolliver and her daughters, Petunia and Dulcy. Stand (wayyyy) back when you see Bubba and Goober! The script is based on a book by Tim Kelly with music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur, the screenplay is produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, IN., Englewood, Colorado. Under the creative direction of Fairview teachers Mrs. Macking and Mr. Junas, this is a must see Mountain Top event!

There will be one performance held at Fairview Elementary on Friday, May 22nd at 6:30 pm. Monetary or product donations to Blue Chip No-Kill Animal Shelter in Dallas, PA are requested for admission!

Hope to see you there!