On and Off The Mountain/Stephanie Grubert

The leaves have furled just about on time with my May 10 annual remembrance and the breezes are balmy and warm. Fruit trees are bursting forth with bloom. Our back yard apple trees are unbelievably full. The harsh winter has made the trees heartier and more robust. Riding through Mountaintop one can see so many unbelievably beautiful flowering trees. There is a reward for a harsh winter.

Mothers all around the world are honored on different dates, but in the US Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May. I fondly remember my mother Marguerite and mother-in-law Maggie, who was also so dear to our family and me for so many years. My mother has been gone for 32 years and Maggie left us 17 years ago. Where does the time go?

I have been a mother for 45 years, easily 2/3 of my time on this earth. It is one of the most rewarding and joyful “jobs” a woman can have. The older I get the more I appreciate my three children and six grandchildren. They are all thoughtful to me on this special day. A phone call, a card, a gift—any of the three or more likely all three are part of my remembrance.

Charlie and I played a round of golf at Mountain Laurel Golf Club on Mother’s Day and I was treated to a special dinner at the Powerhouse Restaurant. Marcia and her staff made sure we had the best table in the house and the dinner was amazing.

I started the day with an invigorating 3-mile walk up the mountain trail and back. I need that to give my FitBit pedometer the base it needs to get over the 10,000 step mark each day. Golf adds another 6,000 or more steps. Keep on moving as we age all the medical advisors say.

Saturday I weeded the flowerbeds and the ever-present chickweed that always pops up in my vegetable garden before I have a chance to have it tilled. The soil is so dry this year that the weeds are not as robust as they could be. Planting the seeds and plants is coming in the next couple of weeks.

My daughter Amy moved to Denver Colorado just about one year ago and she is still getting used to the mountain weather compared to the milder San Francisco Bay area. Saturday and Sunday Amy and her husband Chris reported they had 6 inches of wet snow, which covered their newly planted vegetable garden including tomatoes, peppers and various seeds. Amy was hopeful that the snow’s insulating properties would protect the new plants. Sunday’s high was 36° and Tuesday was forecast 75° in Denver.

Relay for Life

It’s that time again in Mountaintop. The annual Relay for Life cancer awareness and fundraising event is this weekend at Crestwood High School. The 2015 Relay is Number 13 for the energetic Mountaintop cause. Most of the participating teams work year round holding fundraisers. Craft sales, flea markets, golf tournaments—there is a lot of variety in the Relay for Life activities. Leadership positions for the event are handed over year to year to new participants and the enthusiasm stays strong.

The entire Relay schedule is in this week’s edition. There is nonstop entertainment throughout the day. Be sure to stop by and say hello to your neighbors and friends. The yearly goal is $100,000 for the Relay.

Primary Election We are approaching the 2015

primary election on May 19. Incumbents are running unopposed in Fairview and Slocum. There are three candidates for one seat in Wright Township. Incumbent Republican Candy Smith is running for reelection to the 6-year supervisor term against Republican William Wallick. Democrat Mike Marshall, who is also a 28year veteran of the Wright Township police force, is vying for the Democratic nomination.

In Rice Township current auditor Carl Smith is running for the Democrat slot for supervisor against Dennis Kijek. Republican Rick Arnold is unopposed. Smith is also mounting a write-in campaign on the Republican ticket.

Nuangola Borough has four candidates vying for three seats. Republicans Ted Vancosky, John Kochan and Michelle Zawoiski are unopposed. Democrat Ron Kaiser is the only candidate representing his party.

Crestwood School Board has five candidates cross-filed for four seats. Incumbents Ken Malkemes, Bill Thomas and newcomers Joe Kaminski and Al Miller and former board member Bill Jones round out the ballot. Justin Behrens was disqualified for the ballot for failure to file timely financial statements and is now mounting a write-in campaign.

The municipal and school board elections are important; as their representation is the closest an individual taxpayer has to make their positions known. All votes are important. I have seen elections won and lost by one vote. Be sure to come out next week and exercise your choice.

Rice Paving Needs Rice Township supervisors held a

work session last week to go over their engineer’s assessment of the paving needs in their township. There are 15 roads that need extensive repair and another four need a pave overlay to bring them up to standard. The total cost is $955,220, which is far in excess of Rice Township resources for one year. The board requested the study so that they could devise a five-year plan. Priorities are given to roads that carry the most traffic in the township. Woodland Estates, Woodbury Manor and Polonia estates all have heavy road use in and out of their developments. Laurel Lakes is also in need of improvement. The Ice Lakes developments although newer are starting to show wear on roads as well. My Wilderness Estates development, now 40 plus years old, needs upgrading too. It is all a matter of priorities, as the board will formulate a 5-year plan in the next month or two to upgrade the roads.

An additional concern is the county/state roads that are damaged from the harsh winter. Nuangola Road westbound is worse than eastbound. I routinely drive around the worst parts of the road in and out of the lanes to avoid the harsh abuse my car gets when it hits a pothole or other road erosion. We can call 1-800 FIX ROAD (1-800-349-7623 ) hotline that connects callers directly to their respective local county maintenance office to report problem areas. I also called Representative Mullery’s office and reported the deplorable Nuangola Road condition to Mullery’s legislative aid. There are many levels of administration in state government. Representative Mullery’s Nanticoke office is (570) 740-7031 and his Harrisburg office number is 717-783-4893. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Ask for the grease.