Jerome Skrocki’s First Book Set During Vietnam Era
SKROCKI PENS FIRST BOOK-Mountaintop resident Jerome “Jerry” Skrocki has published his first book, Governor of Do Son, set during the Vietnam era. The book is available at Orders@Xlibris.comand at

Jerome Skrocki has published his first book, Governor of Do Son, a fictional novella about the lifelong story of the friendship between a sailor and a marine in the Vietnam era. The friends are stationed in North Vietnam enemy territory and the book outlines the war and a love story that will make you feel proud to be an American.

Skrocki’s story highlights the experiences of military personnel in battle and the veterans’ pains and sacrifices endured as very young men as they cope with disrespect when they return home. The veterans including the author were spit upon and called “baby killers” when they returned home. The Governor of Do Son shows the respect these veterans truly deserve. The story ends with the funerals of the lifelong friends 40 years later.

Jerome Skrocki, known to his friends as Jerry and has been a resident of Mountain Top for the last thirty-five years. He was born and raised in Wyoming, PA and left the valley when he was seventeen. He served six years in US Navy as a nuclear electricians mate with nine months in the Hai Phong harbor blockade in North Vietnam. He received a letter of accommodation for over 800 helicopter operations and this served as his inspiration for his story.

Jerry would like to thank Marcia Thomas for her assistance with the book. Governor of Do Son is available at Orders@Xlibris.comand at