Rice Township Pavement Study Recommends $955,220 In Construction

Rice Township Engineer Penn Eastern submitted a 5-Year Pavement Study recommending construction on 15 roads totaling $955,220 at the March public board of supervisors meeting. The engineers stated that the major repair list was limited to severely damaged township roads. In addition Ice Lake Drive, Fairwood Boulevard, Aleksander Boulevard, Basswood Drive and Catalpa Avenue would need a 1/12” overlay.

The most severely damaged road is 1/3 mile, 1700 feet by 20 feet wide of Laurel Drive in the Laurel Lakes subdivision for $224,610.

Henry Drive (Part A) would repair ¾ mile, 4030 feet for $115,990.

Henry Drive (Part B) repairs 1/7th mile, 746 feet for $37,870.

Ice Lake Drive, Nuangola Road to Nuangola Road, N. A. feet, $119,630.

Wilderness Drive, 7/10 mile, Heslop Road 1530 Feet to bend, 822 feet from bend to bend, 1265 Feet, Heslop Road to bend, $84,597.

Ralph Street from Heslop Road to end, 1/14th mile 400 feet, $39,038.50.

Fairwood Blvd, Nuangola Rd to Woodberry Manor, N. A. Feet, $18,957.50.

Aleksander Blvd, Nuangola Rd to first house, NA. feet, $27,550.

Basswood Dr, Fairwood Blvd to Aleksander Blvd, N. A. Feet, $8,225.

Catalpa Avenue, Fairwood Blvd to Basswood Dr, N. A. Feet, $8,760.

Aspen Drive, Van Ave to Lake Lakes Drive, 1/5 mile 1025 feet, $60,297.

Lakeview Drive, Laurel Drive to Powerlines, ½ mile 2640 feet, $106,145.

Nuangola Avenue, Laurel Lakes Drive to House #135, ¼ mile 1260 Feet, $76,200.