Mountaintop Native Andrew Hashagen New Police Officer In Rice Township
Officer Andrew Hashagen

Mountain Top native Andrew Hashagen loves his town and was thrilled when he saw an opening for a police officer in Rice Township. Growing up in a family of law enforcers, he always dreamed of being a cop, especially to be one in Mountain Top.

“It’s been going very good,” Hashagen said of his new job. He was hired to work as a part-time officer at the Rice Township Board of Supervisors’ April meeting.

Hashagen had previously worked for a year for the police department in the borough of McAdoo. He learned a lot there and, when he saw an advertisement in the newspaper for an officer in his hometown, he jumped at the chance, he said.

Rice Township recently added another officer to its force. Phillip Collotty, of Ashley, has over 20 years of experience as a policeman and a county 911 dispatcher. Earlier, he spoke highly of Mountain Top, relating that it is “definitely the best community in Luzerne County to live in and feel safe in.”

Rice Township, with a population of more than 3,000, employs four patrolmen, as well as police sergeant and chief. Chief Robert Franks reported earlier that crime in his township is on the decrease and is usually minor.

A graduate of Crestwood High School and Lackawanna College, Hashagen always endeavored to be a policeman, he said. A few of his uncles and other family members are