New $7.3 Million Geisinger Facility In Mountaintop Nearing Completion

Geisinger will soon have a remedy for its outgrown office space and increasing number of patients in Mountain Top. A new facility, currently under construction on South Mountain Boulevard, will consolidate all three of Geisinger’s local doctors’ offices and is expected to be open in September.

“Patients seem to be really excited,” said Therese Pramick, public relations and marketing specialist for Geisinger. “Our staff and doctors are talking it up; they’re excited too. It’ll be a nicer environment for everyone. It’ll be brand new, state of the art.”

Geisinger’s three Mountain Top locations -the Kirby Avenue family practice, the South Mountain Boulevard pediatrician’s office, and the Geisinger Careworks After-Hours walk-in clinic, in the Weis shopping plaza -will all be relocating to the new building.

The decision for the $7.3 million project stemmed from the current offices becoming too small, Pramick related. “This community itself has grown very much. We needed more space,” she said.

The doctors’ offices on Kirby Avenue and South Mountain Boulevard are currently leased by Geisinger, Pramick explained, and will be evacuated for another business to lease when the new project is finished.

The Careworks building in the Weis plaza will still be kept open and used as a Geisinger laboratory. Originally, moving the Careworks clinic to the new location was not part of the plan, she said. Just recently, however, Geisinger decided that, since it will have room in the new facility, moving the clinic to a bigger, better building made sense, she said.

Laboratory services will also be provided in the new location, as they were in the Kirby Avenue facility, Pramick added.

New to Mountain Top, radiology services will be available in the new