Misericordia Univ. Students Present Chemistry Program

The Misericordia University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry hosted more than 40 students from St. Nicholas/St. Mary Elementary School in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, for a morning of chemistry fun and learning.

The Misericordia students coordinated the event as a service-learning component of their course, Organic Chemistry II, taught by Frank Yepez Castillo, Ph. D., assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry.

The 40 Misericordia students conducted hands-on chemistry demonstrations with the 6th-8th grade students in two laboratories in the Hafey-McCormick Science Center. Experiments included creating supersaturated solutions, solid-state reactions and elephant toothpaste; exploring buoyancy and density; the popular death of a gummy bear chemical reaction; exploring gases and the pressure and solubility of organic and ionic compounds, and making hydrophobic sand.

Janice Szczechowicz, science teacher at St. Nicholas/St. Mary School, helped to coordinate the educational project.